Interruption = Reminder

I haven’t been posting for a bit because of a medical emergency in my family. Most of my time has been spent shuttling back and forth between home and the hospital. Whenever I’ve had the chance, though, I’ve been reading Holistic Management by Allan Savory. I’ve only gotten through a quarter of the book, but considering the circumstances, I’m proud of myself for still seeking agricultural insight amidst all the chaos.

On a deeper note, this experience is reinforcing my commitment to farming profitably. If I had delved into farming with a martyr mentality (as many people have encouraged me to do), I’d be devastated, both emotionally and financially, by a situation like this. I’d be paralyzed by scarce resources and unable to help my family during a difficult time.

I’m glad I never subscribed to the belief that becoming a farmer has to mean draining your bank account. I love farming, but I’m not willing to do it if it means not being able to prepare for life’s untimely yet inevitable surprises.


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