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Newsletter and Photo Album

I churned out another newsletter for my loyal subscribers (the coolest 73 people on Earth) and put together another goodie–a photo album of my farming adventures over the past year. The pictures are broken down by category. I must warn you, however, that these pictures are NOT representative of how smoothly things went this season. Since morale was a little low, we kind of neglected taking pictures of the weeds, the crop failures, and the exploded hoophouse–well actually, I think we do have some pictures of the wreck that was once a hoophouse. Those will be put up soon. Until then, just assume you’re only seeing the “bright side” of farming. It’s much more aggravating than it looks. But it’s still my favorite thing in the world (next to ice cream). Here are the highlights…

Prepping – Tilling, weeding, tomato cages, and the biggest tumbleweed you’ll ever see.

BIG tumbleweed

Planting – Seeds, transplants, tunnels, and me fiddling with an Earthway seeder: Read the rest of this entry »


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To do: Read loss of soil organic matter, compare (Done)

After I read the nitrogen myth article, I’ll be reading Loss of Soil Organic Matter and Its Restoration by Albrecht and then tying it all together (along with the compost study I just read).

Done, see notes here.

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To do: Read nitrogen myth, compare. (Done)

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To do: Read compost study (Done)

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