Update: Moving to Oregon

I might not be posting as much over the next few weeks because I’m making a cross-country trek from New Mexico to Oregon. Here’s why:

  • I came to NM from NY just over a year ago because my boyfriend was going to grad school at New Mexico State Univ. He just finished, so we have the option of relocating.
  • While I love NM in more ways than one (the friendliness, the culture, the live-and-let-live attitude, the striking landscape, the low cost of living) I don’t want to spend the rest of my farming career squabbling over water rights so that more and more people can fill their swimming pools and water their lawns in the desert.
  • I miss trees. And the sound of a river running. And distinct seasons. Plus I have some cozy winter coats that are going to turn into moth food if I don’t use them.
  • Job prospects are not so great here for either of us. The Pacific Northwest has a lot more going on in terms of agriculture (more opportunities for me) and the three largest cities are quite close together (more opportunities for him), making it more likely that we can both pursue careers while still living together.
  • Cost of living in Oregon is reasonable. We found a two-bedroom apartment in a relatively new, well-kept complex in Salem for $550 per month. Private health insurance is affordable as well.
  • Returning to the East coast doesn’t attract either of us. After living out West, the “other side” seems too crowded, expensive, and rigid (versus dynamic, growing, taking shape). We feel we have a better chance of achieving our goals out here.

The runner up was Missouri. But Oregon won out, perhaps because of the diverse landscape (mountains, ocean, and desert) or Portland’s awesome food scene or the lure of the temperate rainforest up in Washington. Who knows? Oregon, here I come.


  1. Chris said

    Welcome to Oregon! Come pay us a visit if you have time. We’ll show you around.


  2. Beecharmer said

    Oh my, I had no idea you were thinking of relocating. Ugh I would have had you check out eastern WA. Ag central and needs the organic boost. cheaper land and living costs than OR. We could have been neighbors.
    Good luck. Keep us posted.

  3. Isn’t E. WA. mostly high desert, like E. OR.? Either way, the job market in the Portland area has good job prospects for the other half and we have connections there, but at least I’ll be over 2000 miles closer to being a neighbor than I am now!

  4. beecharmers said

    uhh yes E washington is shrubb steppe territory. Semi Arid. The PNW banana belt. Tons of sun, sandy soil, mild winters and fantastic irrigation projects. A farmers paradise. Although the Willamette Valley is also prime growing land.
    Not sure what the other half does but we are pretty citified with high paying jobs for edumacated types.
    So glad you all are closer now. Hey get ahold of me through email- You two need a little trip this way in the spring (spring in the desert, you know how beautiful that can be right?)- I’ll set up some sustainable farm and winery tours for us. I’ve got connections 🙂
    Only a 4 hour drive from Portland.

  5. ken said

    That’s cool that you made it to Oregon Country. I grew up just north of there in Yakima, Washington. Nice country. Anyway, all the best to you and yours.



  6. Relativepunk said

    I grew up in Michigan and then moved when I was 15 to Arizona. Have been in Arizona for about 10 years now and I hate it. The sun is nice to have but not when it reaches 115 degrees and no matter how hard your air conditioner works the temperature never cools past 80! A couple years ago I met my future wife and she had grown up in Oregon. We took a trip up there together and I fell in love. It reminded me of home so much I couldn’t help but dream of moving there. Plus, as it has already been stated, the ocean and mountains nestle the main drag and If I miss the desert there is dry land up there too! What’s not to love? So Jessica and I and our 5 month old son will be moving to Salem as well! Small world eh? What is wilder still is that I had planned on buying some land with the money we have to start farming!!!

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